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We have three key objectives:


To get BINS4Blokes bins in male toilets Australia-wide


To encourage men who live with incontinence to engage with the National Continence Helpline to get help with the management of their incontinence.


To de-stigmatise male incontinence (for everyone, actually) and raise awareness about it.

We’ll use traditional and social media, direct engagement with key stakeholders (such as providers of toilets in public spaces) and leverage the networks and the reach of our supporting organisations.

Why BINS4Blokes?

It’s a no brainer. We believe that every Australian should have access to disposal bins for their incontinence products, and everyone we have spoken to have said, of course! The logic of this is clear to everyone, and we found that doing our market research.

Men’s health and health professional organisations including:


We have a waiting audience…..

BINS4Blokes will also have significant reach through the adopters of the campaign (companies, local governments, workplaces and sporting stadiums) that introduce disposal bins for incontinence products in male toilets. We’ve already made a start, see the case study in our Position Statement and more organisations are getting on board every day. See our list of Adopters.


What will the sponsorship opportunity deliver?

• Development and ongoing management of campaign collateral, including the website
• Public education about male incontinence
• Promotion of the campaign, using social and traditional media
• Staffing support for the campaign
• Campaign evaluation to inform future directions

Talk to us. There are branding opportunities, program and activation opportunities and more.  Contact us now if you are interested in sponsoring this initiative. Call Lane Prowd on 03 8692 8400 or email us at

Then go ahead and spread the word!

We know that your clients, staff, supporters and customers all want to know about your role in making change for men with incontinence, so go ahead and shout it out loud!

If you know anyone living with or experiencing incontinence they can call the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66, or email