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Incontinence Bin Providers

You’ve heard from a client that they’d like to take on some incontinence bins for men and you’re wondering what you need to do.

Key Messages

If you need to know more about the campaign, here’s short version for you-

We have three key objectives:


To get BINS4Blokes incontinence bins in male toilets Australia-wide


To encourage men who live with incontinence to engage with the National Continence Helpline to get help with the management of their incontinence.


To de-stigmatise male incontinence (for everyone, actually) and raise awareness about it.

We’ll use traditional and social media, direct engagement with key stakeholders (such as providers of toilets in public spaces) and leverage the networks and the reach of our supporting organisations.

Your role

You can be an important player in getting this campaign and the change we want to see, happening by providing incontinence bins for males.

As the word spreads about our campaign, you might get enquiries about incontinence bins and we want to ensure you are aware of our campaign and this increasing interest in male bins.


Things to consider:

  • Having a variety of ‘male’ bins available – our experience is that avoiding lighter colours and obvious ‘female’ colours like pink, work better.
  • Male incontinence products are larger, and take up more space in the bins, therefore female sanitary bins are not suitable for this purpose.
  • Nappy bins can be used, due to their larger size and holding capacity, however, correct labelling is a must. To preserve the dignity of men, we highly recommend labelling nappy bins as Incontinence bins. We have special stickers that you can order to place on bins.
  • Apart from our stickers, we also have posters that can be downloaded and printed and used to promote the availability of male incontinence bins on back of toilet doors, or on the outside of toilet blocks/facilities.

If you decide to support our campaign and offer bins for male incontinence products, please let us know by completing the form below. Once you register, we will list your details on our Incontinence Bin Provider Directory page.




Promotional Resources


Toilet block poster


Door sticker


Back of toilet door poster

If you would like to print and carry any of these to hand out when distributing incontinence ​bins that would make a big difference!

Your job is simple – Supply an incontinence bin. 

Do you supply bins suitable for male incontinence products?

Register as a bin provider below and we will list your business as a provider on our Incontinence Bin Provider Directory.