BINS4Blokes: a campaign to champion men’s health

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The Continence Foundation of Australia’s advocacy push will boost wellbeing and inclusivity in Australian communities.

In Australia, 1.34 million men and boys live with incontinence. A national health campaign is set to improve their social and economic participation and quality of life – but it needs support.

BINS4Blokes is an Australia-wide awareness campaign advocating for the installation of incontinence bins in male public toilet facilities. The campaign is an initiative of the not-for-profit Continence Foundation of Australia, Australia’s peak body in promoting bladder and bowel health.

The current situation

Right now, most people using male public toilet facilities do not have a way to dispose of incontinence products. This can result in unhygienic disposal and incontinence products ending up in landfill, parks, gardens and oceans.
A lack of incontinence disposal bins also has huge impacts for community and social participation, with men more likely to stay home and not take part in everyday activities.

Men with incontinence are already a vulnerable population, with research showing a clear link between incontinence and depression. A survey of Australian men with urinary incontinence found that half (50 per cent) avoided situations where they could not access a toilet easily. Shockingly, some men’s routines included staying home as a precautionary measure (27 per cent).

A positive change for men’s health

Adding incontinence bins in male public toilet facilities is essential to help people live and work to their full potential. Every bin installation will help with the stigma around incontinence, and be meaningful to men who are battling health issues related to their bladders and bowels.

Councils taking the lead

BINS4Blokes is rapidly picking up pace around Australia. Early supporters, including Camden Council in New South Wales, see the campaign as another step towards supporting men’s health issues.

Mayor of Camden Cr Theresa Fedeli says: “The BINS4Blokes initiative provides an opportunity for us to participate in a project that facilitates and further enhances social inclusion within the community.”

The Continence Foundation of Australia has the resources needed to implement BINS4Blokes in your community. Get involved and head to bins4blokes.org.au for posters and information for toilet providers and councils.


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