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How to get started

  1. Investigate existing bins in your toilet facilities
  2. Decide where you would place incontinence bins
    • Our suggestion is to have at least one cubicle equipped with an incontinence bin at each male toilet facility/location.
  3. Find out who your current bin provider is and if they provide bin options for incontinence product disposal
  4. Determine future costs of having incontinence bins in your male toilets.
    • Costs for bins vary depending on the size of the bin, frequency of collection and any existing agreements had with providers. A larger bin can cost anywhere between $120 and $540 per year with the disposal fees included (which can occur monthly, fortnightly, or weekly).
  5. Raise awareness and inform the public about the availability of your incontinence bins. For promotional resources click here.
  6. Please let us know if you become a supporter of our campaign, so we can acknowledge your support on our website. Please complete the online registration form at the bottom of this page . 
  7. We encourage you to record/revise your toilet and incontinence bin locations on the National Public Toilet Map.
  8. If you are not familiar with the National Public Toilet Map, please visit www.toiletmap.gov.au/about for more information.

If you provide toilet facilities for Staff and/or the Public, BINS4Blokes is a great way for your organisation to promote inclusion, equality and to provide environmentally responsible facilities.

Contact us for posters and stickers

Once you have become a supporter of BINS4Blokes, you need to make sure men know that incontinence bins are in place. We recommend the following promotional resources to help you raise awareness. 

Toilet block poster


Door/Bin sticker

Incontinence Product Disposal Bin Sticker

Back of toilet door poster


More BINS4Blokes Resources to help you

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Register your public toilets on the National Public Toilet Map

The National Public Toilet Map provides information on over 19,000 publicly available toilets across Australia, including accessibility, opening hours and facilities, such as showers and baby change.

Visit toiletmap.gov.au

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