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Bob is a prostate cancer survivor andmember of the Northern Rivers Prostate Cancer Support Group in New South Wales. Importantly, he is also an advocate forthe Continence Foundation of Australia’s national BINS4Blokes campaign.

BINS4Blokes promotes the installation of incontinence product disposal bins in male public toilet facilities and raises awareness about male incontinence.

“If you believe in the cause and have the ability to reach out to senior and key decision makers, you have a real chance to make a change”, Bob explained.

Bob, together with the Northern Rivers Support Group, strongly lobbied for facilities to dispose of incontinence products. To do this, they approached the Ballina local mayor and a council representative during a community meeting.

The Ballina Council was quick to respond. Their commitment being to install several bins in male public toilets in the local community. To date, Ballina Council have continued to support BINS4Blokes and the need for the installation of incontinence product disposal bins in male public toilets in their local community.

How did Bob achieve this?

After experiencing prostate cancer, Bob attended his local prostate cancer support group to exchange stories, provide support to others and discuss the impact of prostate cancer. This includes living with urinary incontinence.

Urinary incontinence is common for men who have undergone a radical prostatectomy.

It was during a support meeting that some members were discussing the challenges of the hygienic disposal of incontinence pads when not at home.Members talked about their embarrassment at having to conceal used products in their hand luggage.As a result, these men are reluctant to leave home or are tempted to flush used products in the toilet.

After hearing this, that’s when Bob contacted his local council directly. He requested the installation of incontinence product disposal bins in all male public toilets.

Bob’s great success with Ballina Council motivated him to spread the message about incontinence product disposal bins.Since appearing as a BINS4Blokes guest speaker at his local bowls club,he now intends to approach his local RSL organisation plus other service clubs and neighbouring local councils to promote installation of more incontinence product disposal bins in male public toilets.

Bob’s message for local community members seeking to promote BINS4Blokes is simple.
“The main thing is you’ve got to give things a go, and where possible, talk to the people at the top.”

If you would like to find out how to support the installation of incontinence product disposal bins in male public toilets in your local area, visit the BINS4Blokes website www.bins4blokes.org.au or email info@BINS4blokes.org.au


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